Why do we need extreme and extreme sports?

Why is he needed?

Why are people so attracted to extreme sports? It would seem, why play with death, make relatives and friends worry? Is it really just to demonstrate bravery? But some people, fully aware of the danger of their actions, draw their families into these hobbies, thereby putting their lives at risk. Why does extreme have such an appeal?

There are several points of view. The most common among the inhabitants is that extreme is a way to relieve tension that accumulates in a person during everyday life. It may arise due to an overly busy work schedule, when there is not a minute of rest.

Or, on the contrary, a person has nowhere to go from routine and boredom, life seems insipid, lacks emotions, drive. In addition, there is another point of view that extreme activities expand the capabilities of a person.

Due to the sharp release of adrenaline and, coming after all, euphoria, the psyche works at the limit, the organism activates all the forces from its reserves. As a result, new ideas appear, a charge for work.

In any case, a person wants vivid impressions from extreme sports and receives them from, for example, a parachute jump. And, no matter how the instructors convince that everything is safe and verified, a person puts his life at risk. After all, if this is not so, such a pastime would not be called extreme

What do experts think about extreme sports?

Specialists – psychiatrists, psychologists – regarding extreme sports, the point of view is very different from the average. They say that craving for activities associated with the risk of one’s own life is often a symptom of various disorders, such as depression and suicidal tendencies, more often than other drugs.

Therefore, the desire to achieve the ideal and the impracticability of this in reality make people afraid to live and push them to crazy actions;

“Hero and knight” – a person who has low self-esteem and psychological problems, will seek to assert himself through reckless actions. He simply does not see other ways or considers himself incapable of something else;

“It’s boring to live” – ​​a lack of emotions or satisfaction with one’s own life makes one look for new sensations, sometimes on the border of life and death. Often the reason for such an installation is problems in the child-parent relationship;

“I am an adult” is a typical behavior of a teenager (among which there are more extreme people than among any other population groups). It may be due to the desire to draw the attention of parents or gain authority in the eyes of peers.

Of course, the list of problems is not complete, but it highlights the main points. Most often, any craving for extreme activity is a manifestation of autoaggression.

What is autoaggression

Auto-aggression – in psychoanalysis it is a protective mechanism of the psyche, a destructive activity consciously or unconsciously directed at oneself. It can be both mental and physical. The manifestations of autoaggression include not only extreme sports, but also alcoholism, drug addiction, provocative behavior and much more.

Such a defense mechanism turns on when a person is very angry at something in the outside world, but is afraid to take revenge, to show his aggression. If an object or a person, on which evil is not to be avenged for a long time, this anger turns against itself and the person begins to unconsciously engage in self-destruction.