Dangerous professions around the world

Heroes of our time

Earning is a legitimate and desirable way to provide yourself and your family with everything you need. It all starts with the fact that a person himself chooses the desired profession.

Every day you have to go to work, just to not need anything. But if you think about it, we spend most of our time at work. It is good if the business brings joy and income at the same time. Yes, there are such professions. As a rule, they are not highly paid, but the nerves are always calm and bring money.

But there are others – for example, the most dangerous professions in the world, which not only take time, but also health. In addition, there is a high risk of these professions. Because of all this, a person can have serious problems afterwards.

Those who work in difficult conditions know very well that their lives are constantly in danger, and they can die at any moment. Such people often become depressed and have a lot of stress. And what about families where mom and dad leave in the morning and do not know if they will return from work today? For the family, this is also an additional stress.

Not every person is able to understand that the profession of an ordinary electrician is ten times more dangerous than the position of a policeman. Maybe for these reasons, many are accustomed to seeing drunken electricians and have formed such an unflattering opinion about them?

And what an electrician actually experiences when he climbs into the wires – no one even guesses. The slightest mistake can lead to sad consequences.

Many people, risking their own lives, do terrible and difficult work. Yes, there are those who need an adrenaline rush, adventure, danger. But life is so unpredictable.


Mining is the most dangerous profession in the world today. Methane release, explosions, blockage – this is a common phenomenon in mines. You never know where or when it will fall. In addition to the fact that miners have one of the most dangerous professions in the world, working conditions are also extremely difficult. Hammering hard underground rocks is not at all easy.

And another minus is the lack of light and air. The most dangerous mines are coal mines. There, the most dangerous gas that accumulates is methane, which is produced from rocks.

And if at least one spark flies somewhere nearby, then an explosion is inevitable. The countries where the most deplorable conditions for working as a miner are China and Russia. This may depend on outdated equipment, and non-compliance with safety rules.


Working in the forest is dangerous, like the above professions. Of course, the level of danger varies, but they have only one outcome: either alive or not. Harvesting, felling – it all belongs to the business of a lumberjack. Improper safety precautions often lead to serious injury.

A fallen tree is no joke. It’s best to avoid situations like this, but anything can happen in a lumberjack’s job. The work itself takes place in difficult conditions. Departure far beyond the city, into a dense, uncomfortable forest filled with wild animals.

Meals, accommodation in wagons and strict observance of the schedule are not the sweetest times. This profession is chosen only by the strong in spirit and severe in soul.


If a miner risks his life under the rubble, then a high-altitude man risks falling from a height. And it is not known how such a fall could end. High-rise builders, roofers, window and building cleaners, and even sound engineers and sound engineers who hang equipment on stages – they also risk falling.

You can also break from the height of your own height, and what can we say about one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Only brave people make such sacrifices. By the way, such a dangerous profession is paid quite well.

An electrician

She is even compared to the police. Indeed, an electrician is a risky person who skillfully takes on this task. There are various external factors (rain, wind, snow, mosquitoes, flies) that can accidentally create a short circuit. And from sparks, you can catch “bunnies” in the eyes, and even fall off the stepladder. You can get an electric discharge of a current of several thousand volts. The above are just isolated cases.