What is windsurfing and is it dangerous?

What is windsurfing?

It is considered a water sport or simply great fun, based on the ability to control a board with sails that can move attached to it. The windsurfer moves through the water initially thanks to the wind, and in this sport, it is this natural element that will have to be controlled!

Is it really amazing? Be prepared that from the moment you stand on the board, you will automatically become dependent on the wind, it will be in your blood. Windsurfers can not only glide on smooth water, but also conquer the waves, do various tricks that will take your breath away!

The dream of speeding through the waves may well become a reality for absolutely everyone! To do this, you do not need to be a millionaire “from the local elite” who ride on the ocean coast from an early age.

To master this art, you need only a burning desire and a little willpower, because the first few lessons with an instructor will consist of numerous falls into the water. Given this fact, those who have planned to master the technique of windsurfing, it is advisable to first learn how to swim.

But even if you do not have this skill, you can windsurf, you just need to put on a life jacket. It is also not necessary to have special physical training, this sport can be mastered by absolutely anyone.

Windsurfing for beginners

When viewed from the side of experienced windsurfers, they work wonders on the board. Many people have the false impression that it is very simple. But in reality things are quite different. Beginners need to pay attention to some recommendations that will help you start training and achieve the desired result faster.

The best teacher will be a professional windsurfing instructor.

This sport is considered to be one that cannot be mastered by watching windsurfing videos or learning from a beginner. Instructors must clearly develop a training program that should bring you pleasure, but at the same time, each time you will be given new material.

It is worth noting that, as in many other sports, there are fast and slow training methods. If a beginner windsurfer takes up your practice sessions, most likely you will not reach your planned goal.

Windsurfing equipment can be a little outdated. There are also situations when a beginner is confronted with an advanced windsurfer, which he cannot yet cope with. As a result, this sport can forever leave only negative memories in a person.

Be sure to attend classes for beginners. Always opt for full courses of study.

Amateur windsurfing

Every professional has started at this level at one time or another. Even if you are guided by an experienced coach, it is impossible to master the windsurfing technique easily and naturally.

One of the key tasks for all beginners is to understand what a windsurfing board is, how to properly control it and how to stay on your feet. Already at the same time, you can confidently sail on calm waters with moderate winds. You have chosen the path of the amateur.

It is not surprising that the popularity of this sport is becoming more and more striking. In almost all resorts, you can rent windsurfing boards, use the services of instructors who are ready to help a beginner learn the basics of sports and have fun while conquering a new peak. But at one point, the amateur level is replaced by a professional one.

Professional sailing

Everything is much more complicated here. If the amateur level involves riding a board without specific goals, then at this level the requirements and opportunities increase several times. Initially, we are talking about different tests and competitions.

  1. Formula. Windsurfing competitions among world-class professional athletes, where the distance is formed in a triangular shape;
    Slalom. It is a high-speed race between the participants, during which they move in a zigzag;
  2. Speed. Athletes carry out fast high-speed races. This often changes the trajectory of movement, if the judges do not provide additional rules;
  3. Wave. It is considered the most extreme form of windsurfing. Here, it is the waves that are conquered by athletes. The combination of speed, drive, adrenaline – all participants are guaranteed to receive all this;
  4. Freestyle. This is an incredible show where all athletes are free to do exactly the tricks they want. It kind of reminds me of wakeboarding. The discipline is kept by the first two or three participants, then a real boom begins.

Olympic windsurfing

This is culminating skill. World-famous athletes prepare all their lives for the Olympics, where the world champion is determined. Only the best can get in here. Clear requirements for the parameters of the board, sometimes difficult conditions and high demands on athletes have made Olympic windsurfing a real apogee of this sport.