Skydiver – who is this

How do people get into skydiving?

A person himself chooses what kind of discharge and vent will suit him. Someone chooses a more relaxed direction, like yoga or going to the gym. Swimming is also great for relaxing and toning the body.

Even sports dancing is an opportunity to realize hidden opportunities, and maybe even change the field of activity if everything goes in the right direction.

A skydiver is a person who jumps with a parachute, but this should not be confused with skydiving. There are a number of differences here:

  • parachuting is jumping from an airplane from a certain height and a specific point to open the parachute.
  • Skydiving is not only a jump, but rather an opportunity to test yourself for strength, writing out various pirouettes and figures in the air, especially in a pair or team.

The professionalism of skydivers is determined by how low the jumper opens the parachute. And the lower you open it, the more problematic the landing will be.

Where did the concept of skydiving come from?

Well, it is impossible to accurately determine the place of origin of one of the most popular types of extreme sports. Perhaps it is worth comparing its emergence with the beginning of the invention of the parachute. That feeling of free fall and lightness while you are flying down cannot be described in words.

But in America, this is a kind of attraction for everyone after passing a certain briefing. In any case, it is very dangerous and if you have health problems, it is better not to risk it.

You need to perform the first jumps, following the clear instructions of the leader, otherwise you will break to death or, at best, severely cripple.

Do not expect that you will succeed the first time. At first, you will have to practice on parachute courses, and after that you will go skydiving.

If you are jumping together with other extreme people, then you should perform tricks very carefully, otherwise you cannot avoid a terrible collision with other participants in the jump. Imagine yourself, you are flying and someone crashes into you at high speed.

First, you will lose coordination in space, which can lead to loss of consciousness. Secondly, you can lose your bearings and land in the wrong place, or even suffer when the parachute opens. The consequences of a mistake are unpleasant, therefore, before you start doing “sky diving”, weigh the pros and cons.

Positive emotions sky jump

The most amazing thing is hovering, and building figures in the air until you reach the limit point for opening a parachute.

The most significant sporting event was the setting of a world record in team skydiving. When 122 people were able to converge in the construction of the figure – it was something!

Facts about skydiving

The most ardent fans of a long parachute flight should take a closer look at the club created in Dubai. It’s called Skydive Dubai. It appeared not so long ago, but has already become popular all over the world. Its founder was King Nasser al-Nayadi, after the world championship in parachuting.

Of course, the rules and safety precautions in the club are at the highest level, because not only businessmen or adrenaline seekers, but also the powers that be decide to bend down and check their nerves.

What is high diving and how is it different from sky diving?

The closest thing to skyfall is diving from a great height into a deep body of water. A similar sport is called high diving. The main difference is that it is performed only by trained swimmers.

A jump is made from the highest possible point without a parachute and into a deep pool or even a lake. Since the falling speed is very high, the depth of the reservoir must be at least 10 meters, because the speed developed by the diver reaches 100 km / h.

This is quite a spectacular sight, and not everyone dares to dive from a height of 25 meters, being only in swimming trunks. The chances of getting it all back are very high.