List of the most famous and popular extreme sports

Polo on segways

Previously, animals were used to play polo. Surely the reader has heard of polo on horseback, but what about polo on bicycles? Both types of polo are relevant for the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, horses are used less and electric scooters are used for play.

Technological progress is making itself felt. This game is popular in the United States of America, where this type of transport is popular among urban residents.

The advantages of a Segway are its size and handling. Tilt your body when pokatushki, and the product quickly turns where necessary. The main feature in such a game is the speed limit of no more than 20 km per hour. The participants are the same in speed, the competitor cannot be beaten thanks to the improved segway.

The main highlight of the game is that the level of the player is determined by how much he knows how to make maneuvers, as well as control the body. On the territory of Russia, the game appeared recently, and the type of extreme is just gaining momentum.

Parkour as a way of self-expression

If we consider extreme types of recreation, then parkour is in the first place, as a sport that gives adrenaline to the blood. I thought about whether parkour could be classified as a sport, and found contradictions. But, the fact is that this sport cannot be called physical exercise either – parkour has a complex arsenal of tricks.

The main idea of ​​parkour is moving through unfamiliar territory and each step is perceived as a step into the unknown. For classes, stairs, walls are used, they step over objects, and of course, they jump. Such tricks are performed for pleasure.

The cool principle of parkour is that there is no turning back, and if you decide and go, go to the end, regardless of the difficulty.

There is a lot of information about parkour, since this extreme sport began in the 90s of the last century. The first person to sincerely promote this activity is a man named David Belle. This is a French citizen who demonstrated dozens of tricks, including making a jump from a height of 10 meters and landing easily with the help of a special somersault.


In such a case, it is worth knowing the direction of the wind and the distance to the objects, so that, God forbid, not to break the body. I can’t imagine how scary it is when you jump from a great height.

For those who want to still make such a jump, or learn BASE on a professional level, there are special preparatory courses. Base jumping requires serious preparation, because if a person makes a mistake, a fatal outcome awaits.


The desire to fly paragliding slowly appears, so I decided to add paragliding to today’s list of extreme sports.

This is an extreme sport that is accessible to the average person. Find a pilot with a paraglider, arrange a flight with him, go to a hill, run up and push off from it, taking off into the sky.
During the flight, a person thinks only how to properly control the body and the wing of the parachute.

In paragliding, the wind and air currents raise to the height that you never dreamed of while sitting at home. Preparation for such actions is necessary, as well as equipment. In addition to the wing, this is a parachute, a special helmet and an altimeter. This device displays climb and drop in meters.


Among the directions of the heading “active sports and extreme” snowboarding is catchy. Surely, everyone has heard about such a pastime, and some have already tried it and felt from their own experience what it is.

This is an amazing hobby that has won the hearts of millions of people on planet Earth. This is an extreme kind of sports direction, which even watching, you get genuine pleasure. Snowboarding appeared in 1965, when Dmitry Milovich accidentally offered to go down the mountains with the help of a board. Onet wanted to ease the descent, but it turned out a new direction in the sport.

The history of snowboarding is long, so I won’t talk about every individual who has contributed to this direction. In the 21st century, boarding is both a popular sport and an activity with which you get a real buzz.


This is a sport that is a race on sports motorcycles. Such races are arranged in special areas – closed cross-country tracks. To participate in the race requires the skills to control such a motorcycle, which is not easy.

Motocross coaches claim that after 10 hours of training you understand and feel the vehicle. This is a dangerous sport that poses an increased risk of injury.

Well, imagine – today for the first time, get on a racing bike and perform maneuvers to overtake an opponent. Yes, and turns with slides have not disappeared anywhere, therefore, beginners should not try this direction as the first.

Cross-country motorcycles are heavy vehicles, so the management of such equipment is not easy. Motorcycles can be driven by professionals with motorcycle riding skills. They teach, as I already said, in special courses that prepare for such a ride. Without skills, you can get injured, and that’s where the ride ends.