Freeride – what is it

Freeriding and freeriding – what is it

Well, you don’t have to have a very high level of language proficiency in order to understand that this is “free riding”.

So, among professionals, in general, two types of skiing are differentiated: this is classic, that is, along a clearly defined track, and freeride. The latter is intended only, and only for professionals with many years of experience. Are you new to snowboarding? Then don’t even think about trying it yourself.

But there is also a safer form of freeriding, although you must understand that the term “safe” in the context of freeriding does not fit very well.

So, taking into account the fact that now even competitions are held in this type of skiing, there are already separate sections behind the track that are not marked in any way and are not intended for amateur driving. That is, it is not hard, rolled snow, but soft and sometimes with snowdrifts.

Lightweight freeride

The bottom line is that the lift helps you climb the mountain, in principle, as in ski resorts, but you go down on unequipped terrain. This view is very good for beginners in freeriding, but who are confident on their skis. By the way, I completely forgot to mention that freeride is not limited to skiing, snowboarding is even more popular.

– this view is by far the most popular, despite the fact that you will have to climb the mountain on your own, and also go down the terrain without a track.

– one of the most expensive types of winter entertainment, as they send snowboarders to the top of the mountain using a helicopter. Moreover, in many countries of the world, heliboarding is prohibited either because of the terrain, or because of the unwillingness of local authorities to take such responsibility for human lives. But this responsibility, I tell you, is primarily moral, because before the flight, in order to make a descent, you are obliged to sign some papers, thanks to which the companies disclaim any responsibility for the possible outcome of events.

– the same, only now freeriders are delivered to the top with the help of a snowcat. It is less expensive than by helicopter, but also expensive.

– a perversion for professionals, working on the principle of water skiing: instead of a boat – a snowmobile, instead of water – snow.

– the most distinctive from all previous types of freeride. The fact is that in it you can climb the mountain on anything, carving is more of a driving technique, which consists in making carved turns, something like that.

Do you need snow to freeride?

Let’s get back to freeriding. Since freeriding discards all possible laws of riding, maybe snow is not always needed? In what sense is snow not needed for a winter sport, for skiing and snowboarding, you ask.

So, I answer: in the west, in the USA, for example, where the mountainous terrain allows and disposes to extreme sports, some craftsmen managed either in late autumn or in early spring to ride down from some rather impressive mountain, through forests, roads, etc. similar, not intended for this place.


Trekking is a fairly popular type of tourism in the West, again.

This is hiking and this is its essence: you gather friends who are quite well prepared for the loads, plot a detailed (!) Route on the map and hit the road. Naturally, it is more interesting to do this without moving from one city to another, although there are such, but somewhere in nature.

You can lay a route in 7 km, for example, or you can in 250 km. It all depends on your desire and capabilities, both temporary, because not everyone can afford to roam the forests of the United States for a month, for example, and financial, because all the uniforms, and even the trip itself will cost you a pretty penny.

It is very interesting, because:

  • You do not depend on anyone, go as fast as you want, looking at everything around and enjoying the scenery;
  • A company of friends, your environment, with whom you will definitely have something to talk about and what to remember later, upon arrival home;
  • You only need to feed on your own strength and training, that is, for people who, to put it mildly, are not keen on sports, this is a bad option for spending time.

It is also very entertaining to travel on motorcycles, bicycles, some even manage to rollerblade. The bottom line is the same: you lay a route, collect a company, set a time frame and go!