Is kiting extreme or not?

What is kiting

Yes, the question is interesting, and the name is new for many. To be precise, as a term, the word has come into use since the late 70s of the last century. The very word kiting – originates from Kite – kite, and further on it is added:

  • kitesurfing;
  • Kiteboarding.

The first designates air flights with simultaneous gliding on water. The second is also air sliding, but already on snow.

According to historical data, the first attempts to use a kite as a transport were made as early as the 13th century, to move carts. Later on sea vessels, as an additional source of energy.

But progress doesn’t stand still, does it? So man comes up with more and more new types of entertainment. And soon kites became the object of attention of seekers of new sensations.

The pioneer who showed that there is no need to depend on gusts of wind, waiting on the shore for the next wave, was Robbie Naish, an American windsurfer champion. He simply did not want to waste time waiting, and he decided to master a new direction in surfing.

Having tested his novelty, the athlete founded a kiting school. And the school immediately became very popular. But the real boom in riding the waves with the help of a kite began quite recently.

Kiting has brothers who are no less popular

Snowkiting – riding a kite in the snow;
Kitebagging is riding on a cart with three wheels attached to a kite.
In kiting, even riding styles are distinguished, and anyone can choose the right one for themselves:

Freeride is the most common style, especially among beginners, there are no restrictions, you ride just for fun;
Freestyle is a more complex style that requires the performance of various tricks, the more difficult they are, the more spectacular the show:

  • various jumps;
  • sharp turns, some even amaze with the complexity of their implementation;
  • air somersaults;

Professional racing is already a style for absolute pros, it is already a sport, including competitions. There are several challenges on the path of the athlete:

  • pass the obstacles placed on the way;
  • complete the trip within a certain time;
  • and sometimes there are speed competitions between several kitesurfers.

If you decide to master a new sport for yourself, then start with the simplest style, gradually improving.

Kiting or Windsurfing, what’s the difference?

Some will ask, what is the difference between kiting and windsurfing? Both here and there, wind power is used to move through the water. Yes, but not exactly. Windsurfing is the movement on the water on a board with a sail installed on it and kiting is controlled by a kite attached to the athlete’s back.

When controlling a board, it is much more difficult for a windsurfer than for a kitesurfer, maneuvering between waves, while it is imperative to take into account the strength of the wind and control it correctly. But on the other hand, you can also windsurf in a completely calm pond, which are specially designed for those who like to ride a board.

Everyone chooses an active type of recreation for himself, so there are as many fans of sailing as there are lovers of soaring above the surface of the water.

Is it possible to do winter kiting and what is required for this?

Kiting in winter is just as real as it is in summer. And for this there is no need to go to a distant warm beach. You will just need, in addition to the usual kiting kit, also warm clothes with a completely covered face, because driving at speeds up to 40 km / h is fraught with frostbite if you do not take action.

Otherwise, you will need the usual kiting equipment, which can be bought at any sporting goods store. Winter kiting has its advantages – the ability to not only ride in the snow, but also take off.

Have you ever felt like a bird? Not? Then you should try this sport.

After all, the frozen pond is just as smooth, and besides, there are no additional obstacles, such as the water element, so do not be upset if the summer season ends quickly. You can have fun in the winter, the main thing is to have fun. But instead of a surfboard, you should take a snowboard, or skis, decide for yourself what suits you.

And don’t ride alone, you must be insured by someone, this guarantees you timely help if you suddenly bring it to where you can’t get out.